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How To Avoid A Social Media Nightmare And Carve Out The Perfect Posts

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided it was time to discuss something truly terrifying for brands everywhere: major social media mistakes and their consequences for your brand.

It’s terribly easy to make a social media nightmare come true. People use social to stay informed and be entertained, and nothing does both like a social media post gone awry. A post that is unintentionally humorous or outrageously insensitive can pick up steam and go viral in a matter of hours — and that’s not the kind of social attention your brand wants to see!

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Nothing Fails Like Success

Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California 3 times before he dropped out to become a director. Colonel Sanders was rejected 1009 times when he tried selling his fried chicken recipe before deciding to just start KFC. Thomas Edison created 10,000 failed prototypes of his electric bulb before succeeding. And my personal favorite, perhaps one of today’s most newsworthy “failure stories” comes from SpaceX. SpaceX had over one dozen failed or uncontrolled launches and/or landings of the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launches. Yet in the end, we are going beyond the moon! SpaceX is successfully delivering to the space station, returning, and landing rockets in a way that makes colonizing Mars seem completely within reach.

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