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2017 Holiday Shopping Statistics

It’s the most wonderful time of year again!  We love our annual holiday marketing trends infographic.

See what’s happening in holiday marketing this year.  Our 2017 infographic presents our expectations for holiday sales, including for local retail. Plus, find out why consumers like to shop online (and use it to your advantage), why you need to be mobile ready, when to expect the most customers, and much more.

2016 Holiday Shopping Statistics

2016 was a year for the books in holiday marketing!  This year marks the first year that mobile shopping trends surpassed retail.

Every year we piece together a holiday marketing trends and predictions infographic.  In this infographic, you’ll see how…

  • … much people were spending
  • … many gifts they were receiving
  • … people were using mobile
  • … trends increased from previous years, and
  • … social media is making an impact on this season

Compare this infographic to the previous year, or take a look at 2017 and 2018.  See how holiday marketing has changed!

2015 Holiday Shopping Statistics

Holiday marketing has changed over recent years. You just need to look back at the shopping statistics to see it. Check out this infographic of the top trends for 2015 to see what we mean. You’ll notice that 2015 was the year when holiday shopping began earlier and that online sales and engagement were really taking off. You’ll also see that mobile marketing was beginning to grow in importance and you’ll find out what consumers were searching for on mobile.